As you can see things look a little different. I don’t know how many times I’ve changed things around here and I’m sure it’s not the last time I’ll do it. BUT, hopefully the content will be the biggest change. I have some small goals for this blog and I’m so excited to post things to share with all of you! Last week we did a family home evening lesson on goal setting and it got me thinking about my own goals. I wouldn’t say I’m a big go getter.. well, maybe a little but I’m terrible with goals. TERRIBLE! It’s like when I make a goal theres so much pressure to achieve it that I ¬†psych myself out and give up. I worry too much abut the future and fear of failure starts to set in. Happen to you too? Or is that just me? So, I did a pinterest search and found a great little guide to making goals for all of us to see and start thinking about.. they’re called “S.M.A.R.T. Goals..



Isn’t that fun? I hadn’t ever heard of the “smart” goals before. Totally changed how I look at goal setting.:)So, heres a breakdown of each of them…

Specific: Know exactly what you are wanting to accomplish.

Measurable: How will you know you met your goal?

Achievable: Make sure your goal is not too far to reach, but far enough to be challenging.

Relevant: Link the goal to something important to you; something that inspires you.

Timely: When do you want your goal to be met?

The one I have to hardest time with is timing. I just want the goal to be met tomorrow and get it done! But goals take time I guess.. too bad. lol One of the goals for this blog is to post once a week. So, I’ll be posting about different things, not super long, crazy stuff, but just enough to inspire myself and hopefully you to create a habit of doing something I enjoy. Happy goal setting everyone! P.S.- if you’d like to print this out click here! Yay!

Fall is almost here and you know what that means! Family picture time. I’m so excited to offer these quick, fun sessions. These sessions are a great way to update your current family photos, get a christmas card photo or just update the kiddos photos around the house. Either way, they are so fun and super easy!


25 min session

10 edited files

Online gallery

1st 4 people to sign up get a FREE video short of their family

Contact me at

Fall mini sessions flyer

*a $50 retainer fee is required due at time of booking to save your time slot. Please allow 24 hours if you need to cancel.

Last month I packed the kids up and drove to Utah for a week. It was BEAUTIFUL! I had so much fun staying with family and visiting with friends. While I was there, I stopped by The Mann’s home for the day to celebrate Brook’s big 3-0 birthday and took her amazing family’s pictures. We had a blast. It was really the most unique experience because I hung out all day long so her kids had all day to warm up to me. By the early afternoon, I was their best bud and THAT’S when magic happens people. I am so lucky to have Dave and Brook as clients by SO blessed to call them friends.

These cute wooden dolls are the most amazing idea I’ve seen. Our mutual friend Britta makes these and sells them on her Etsy shop here. Brook had her whole family made complete with their dog grandma and grandpa on both sides. When family come into town, they get their dolls out and play with whoever is visiting. Cool, huh? Seriously, you should check her site out and buy a million on them.